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Our company was established in January 2011 with the title of PURAN. It is the one and only company that has successfully localized the production of catalysts, which are used for the seat cushion in automobiles and panels for construction use. The principal business fields are polyurethane catalyst, urethane system consulting, ionic solution and quaternary ammonium compounds, and polymeric materials for 3D printers. Our company continues to advance as a core player in the Korean urethane industry.

After the conversion to a corporate body with the title of PYURAN Co., Ltd. in August 2013, we kept on with consistent research and development. We have strived to achieve convenience and safety without harm by developing environment-friendly products. We also do our best to reach the goal of making the people and the environment the center of our life. In 2022, a new factory with a size of about 4,959m² and an R&D center are set to be established in the Ulsan Techno Industrial Complex.

We promise that our company will share love and will actively be involved with the activities that make the world a better place where everyone can live together in peace. We will be the company that is essential for society

C.E.O Lim Ho