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Polymeric Materials for 3D Printer

Polymetric materials for 3D printer

3D printing technology attracts the attention that would bring innovation to a future manufacturing business. It will be the leader of the next-generation that will lead the polymeric materials for 3D printing in Korea based on the contemplation upon its technical utilization in domestic/international industry, technical states of 3D printing polymeric materials, and the analysis of research trends.

Overview of 3D printing

Concept of 3D printing: '3D printing is the way of adding the materials in layers'
- Design of a 3D product, which has been digitally datafied, is restructured with 2D layer sections consecutively. Then, the printing is processed by accumulating these 2D layers
- For this property, it is called Additive Manufacturing (AM), it is saved as STL, which is 3D data format. Then, it is produced as a 3D object using the 3D printer

Utilization of 3D printing

“Future of 3D printing depends on the material”
Current 3D printer market takes a significant portion of consumer/home appliances field, medical industry, and automobile industry. It is predictable that the portions in automobile and aviation will grow drastically in the future. As well, medical and dental parts have infinite potential for growth

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Pyuran Co., Ltd. is the leader of the on-demand medical service industry using 3D printers. We research and develop the medical equipment materials and prosthetic materials for medical use