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Urethane System Consulting

Urethane System Consulting

The urethane system consulting of Pyuran Co., Ltd. provides the consulting program of suggesting professional advice and solution through consultation based on the original technology of polyurethane to diagnose the problem in terms of producing creative and various products using polyurethane. As well, urethane system consulting provides diverse services with the goal of sharing overall information about urethane such as raw materials, research, production, and product.

- We organize the system efficiently in order to make various polyurethane foam depending on the raw
  material composition of urethane foam
- We provide an answer to the demand of customers in regards to everything about polyurethane such
  as material, research, production, products, and other aspects requested by customers
- Provision of the original technology of urethane, technical advice, and plans

Purpose of urethane system consulting

Amplification of the utilization and discovery of new opportunities of urethane by sharing information
Through urethane system consulting, Pyuran Co., Ltd. strives to find out new opportunities and challenges of urethane technology through advice and information shared together.

Enhancement in understanding the definition of Urethane and its information by teaching the technical definition.
By notifying the definition and meaning of urethane, we hope to spread the knowledge of urethane and to improve the technical ability of urethane in the future.

We insist various changes of urethane by proposing the research and production plans
Motivated to achieve the technical innovation of urethane by changing the urethane in various ways.

Direction of urethane system consulting program

Opinion sharing and consultation
On-line/off-line consultation in regards to urethane system

Diagnosis of problem
Identification of the problem through consultation

Advice and solution
Provision of various solutions and consistent advisory service

Resolution and

Solution to the problem and customer care process