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Introduction of R&D Center

Introduction of R&D center

For sustainable growth, improvement in competitiveness, and attainment of the power of new-growth in the future in the core business, we reinforce the capacity of R&D center. The R&D center of Pyuran Co., Ltd. focuses on the research of various fields such as localization of polyurethane catalyst, ionized solution which is electrolyte of the secondary battery, quaternary ammonium compounds, and other fine chemistry areas. As well, R&D center of Pyuran Co., Ltd. recognizes the diversity and acceleration of products, research, and development through strengthening the ability of professional personnel at the center.

Vision of R&D center

New R&D planning
Development of preceding technology based on the basic research

Reinforcement of industrialization of R&D results
Creation of new product & new business through performance-oriented and industrialization-oriented research and development

Establishment of efficient research and development network
Securement of talented personnel, utilization of advice of experts from various fields

Operation policy of R&D center

Policy No.1
Business expansion through creative research and development

Policy No.2
Enhancement of value of research through green product development

Policy No.3
Pursuit of advanced research along with the improvement of research ability

Development performance of R&D center


Development of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds catalyst for polyurethane foam


Development of catalyst for VOC-reduced salt type crush pad


Development of environment-friendly non-vocs catalyst


Development of environment-friendly harmless catalyst


Commercialization of LA-1, the catalyst for the flexible/ development and commercialization of PU-600, piezoelectric sensor encapsulant for the road


Commercialization of LP-14, the catalyst for highly fire-retardant PIR Panel for constriction use/ commercialization of LF-17 for seat-cushion of the automobiles

Certificate of R&D center