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Equipment at the R&D Center

R-201 Series Reactor 30L System

Composition 30L Vessel, Boiler, vacuum pump, control system for high temperature & pressure
purpose Rector for esterification and another synthesis

R-201 Series Autoclave 500ml System

Composition 300ml/500ml Vessels, Boiler Jacket, Control System for high temperature& high pressure
purpose Reactor for the synthesis under the condition of high temperature & pressure

GC-2010 Plus

Composition - Detector : Detector for ionization of hydrogen salt (FID)
- Capillary column
- Temperature Range : to 450°C
- Sample injection part : split/ splitless insertion unit
- Minimum Detected Quantity : 1.5 pgC/s (dodecane)
purpose Equipment for qualitative & quantitative analysis of single or mixed materials

870 KF Titrino Plus (moisture gauge)

Composition Double Pt-electrode, Titration vessel, Drying tube, Display, Keypad
purpose Gauge that measures water contents within the object using Karl Fischer reagent

888 Titrando (potential difference titrator)

Composition Titrando, Controller, Dosing interface, Combined LL pH glass electrode, MSB
purpose Using highly sensitive electrodes, this equipment figures out the stoichiometric equivalence point of the object by measuring the potential difference

RVDV-3T Cone Plate Viscometer (viscosity meter)

Composition DV3 viscometer, Cone spindle, Temperature circulating fluid bath
purpose Equipment that measures the viscosity of the object (fluid object) using the fundamental feature that the rotation torque value of spins is positively proportional to the viscosity

ph meter Metrohm 780 (ph meter)

Composition ph meter glass electrode, keypad
purpose Equipment to analyze hydrogen ion concentration in the solution using the electric potential drop method